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The Ancient Rain Tree

The magnificent ancient rain tree

The magnificent ancient rain tree reaches out to No.18 from the opposite side of the road. It inspires awe as it reaches out with its sublime and majestic canopy, as though adamantly trying to make up for the undesired road-width space between them in any possible way it can.

The lone tree seems to whisper and beckon a weary traveller nearer like a penetrating preacher delivering the ancient law of life. Which is – “To be”. Always reminding the longing wanderer, “To be. And to be still. As Home is neither here nor there. Home is within you, or home is nowhere at all.”

It constantly attempts to pacify a heart that seeks to hear it through unseen strengthening essences and soothing balms, and time flies in the cool, silent and intimate hours we spend in its gracious company.

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